Roxbury Community College Earns Platinum Endorsement for Life Sciences Programs

RCCLogoRoxbury Community College (RCC) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the Platinum Level Endorsement for the College’s Biotechnology Certificate and Associate Degree Programs. This is the highest level of endorsement granted by the Massachusetts Life Sciences Education Consortium (MLSEC), a partnership of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation and the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council.

Dr. Valerie Roberson, President of RCC, said, “We are extremely grateful to the MLSEC for the vote of confidence that this endorsement represents. It validates the efforts of our dedicated faculty and staff who work with students in the Biotechnology Programs and prepare them to enter the life sciences workforce.”

This is the second time that MLSEC has recognized the contributions that community college programs are making to develop a skilled STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) workforce across the Commonwealth. The Platinum Endorsement follows RCC’s Gold Endorsement in 2013.

This recognition from MLSEC also reflects RCC’s participation in the College Success Campaign to double the numbers of Massachusetts college graduates from low-income backgrounds and college graduates in the state with STEM degrees.

The awards ceremony takes place on December 2nd in Lexington where awardees and all of the programs that applied for silver, gold and platinum endorsements will gather to celebrate.

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